About Us

If you're a fan of aviation, then here at Aviation Goodies, we have the perfect aviation-themed gift just for you!

Having worked in the travel industry for over 20-years, we are passionate about our industry. That's why every gift you see in the store has been personally designed by us. You won't find our aviation designs in the stores or anywhere else, guaranteed!

Why buy from us?

All of our aviation-themed t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, coffee mugs and more can only be found here at Aviation Goodies. 

  • we have a huge range of gifts available
  • all designs are created in-house
  • we have special and unique items only found here
  • you're unlikely to have seen these aviation gifts anywhere else
  • and we're affordable and friendly and deliver direct to your door.

So treat yourself or a loved one with the perfect gift today!

Did you find a product you love but would like to see it in a different color or style? Contact us and let us know and we would be happy to take requests.